Q: What are the benefits of training at Evolution Fitness & Self Defense?
A: Regardless of your age or skill level, you can expect to recognize many benefits from all of our programs. The most obvious benefits are increased strength, power and stamina, increased flexibility, improved reflexes and coordination and better cardiovascular fitness. Other benefits include enhanced concentration, focus, and self-control, as well as improved self-confidence and stress reduction.

Q: How are your programs different from other local fitness and martial arts academies?
A: While most schools focus on only teaching the techniques of Martial Arts, EFSD concentrates on the attitude skills of the Martial Arts as well. Of course, our students do develop exceptional skill in all areas of technique. More importantly, though, they develop important skills that they can put to use outside of the gym. Skills like: Self-Confidence, Self-Control, and Positive Thinking; Listening Skills, Respect and Good Manners. The Ability to Focus Attention; Perseverance and Courage. Additionally, ours is a “friendship” based teaching system. Our instructors are truly wonderful people. Of course, you are invited to stop in and meet them, anytime!

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
A: No, more than 80% of our students attend on a month to month basis. The other 20% have requested enrollment agreements to take advantage of the savings benefits offered. We believe that having the majority of our students on monthly enrollment gives us the truest sense of how well we’re doing our job.

Q: What ages do you work with?
A: Anyone and everyone! We have classes for all ages and ability levels for men, women and children! We ask that your child is at least 6 (can be evaluated for training at a younger age by our staff) years old for participation in our programs.

Q: Why should kids study at EFSD?
A: For people new to martial arts, the benefits of training might not be obvious. Some will think, sure, it’s a great workout, and of course it’s good for self-defense, with all that punching and kicking. But the benefits of martial arts training, especially for children and teenagers , are much more than simple physical improvements. Martial arts benefits span a spectrum of physical, mental, and social attributes, all of which are learned and improved through martial arts training.

Q: Will martial arts make my children more violent?
A: Martial Arts can make a child more prone to violence… when it is taught by hard-core, aggressive teachers. All EFSD instructors, however, are gentle and caring individuals. Through their example, our students learn to live peacefully with others!

Q: Will martial arts training make my child more aggressive?
A: At EFSD, children learn that the martial art is not an act of violence, but the art of how to handle themselves in a problematic situation. Aggressive behavior is channeled into assertiveness to increase a child’s self-esteem and build discipline and character.

Q: There are so many martial arts, which one is best to help my child to be safe?
A: The most effective training for safety comes from the system of Good Parenting. The martial arts all teach children about awareness and escape, but its the parent’s who spend time with their children helping them understand dangers and face them with an appropriate level of respectful fear, parents that don’t allow their children liberty and freedom that is beyond their maturity – especially in today’s environment. Let them know where you stand on bullying and being bullied, what is an acceptable response and what is not, When they should fear a stranger and when they can trust them.
Beyond that – the choice of martial arts is more academic, what is the biggest threat your child faces – only one? Bully? or Abduction? If so, then you can narrow down your focus – If its just a bully problem (especially in school) you can rely on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which allows them to protect themselves on the ground which is where most peer on peer altercations end up. If your fears revolve around the potentials of abduction, then a striking system such as Muay Thai is best because it teaches children to maintain distance in order to escape.

Q: Are the classes safe?
A: Your safety is our primary concern. While we encourage our students to reach their maximum levels of physical and mental fitness, we will never require a student to do something for which we do not believe that student is capable or ready. We always encourage our students to express any concern they may have about any moves, exercise or classes. Your safety is of utmost importance in ensuring you achieve your goals.

Q: How do I know if EFSD’s programs are right for me?
A: First, contact us or drop by for a FREE class session. If you enjoy your experience, you can sign up for membership within each individual discipline and training program.

Q: How many classes per week should I attend?
A: We recommend that new students start off with no less than 2 classes per week and no more than 3 until you become acclimated to the change. Often a new student will come in “guns blazing” and attend every class possible, but then finds the “demand” too overwhelming and gives up too soon. Likewise a new student who only attends classes once a week will find that their progress is slower and get discouraged when others have progressed further in their training.